Friday, August 7, 2015

Affordable Activewear For Any Size!

Ten months ago, I was fifty pounds heavier. Congrats to me, right? Yes! Though I still have a ways to go. So, in this in between place, I haven't really wanted to buy too many new clothes. Which is CRAZY hard for me, since I love clothes. I have a spare bedroom as a closet, you guys. In addition to my bedroom closet.

Anyway, once my size 16's stopped fitting, I moved on to my "skinny jeans" from days gone by. And since then, I've gone down a few more sizes, but I really want to wait until I'm closer to my goal weight and then I'll invest in some high-quality, staple wardrobe pieces.

To compound this, I pretty much live in workout clothes right now. My office is very casual and if I can go straight from work to the gym, it makes it all the more likely I'll get my butt in there. So, even though I'm avoiding buying "in between" jeans, I've had to pick up a few interim workout clothes. 

But the ones I've chosen will last me through the next few sizes, really maximizing my investment. Here are my favorite picks for AFFORDABLE workout clothes - no matter what your size or where you are in your fitness journey! I actually have all of these and I promise you they wear well, wash well, don't ride up/down, and won't break the bank! *Note: I actually own most of these!*

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