Thursday, December 31, 2015

5 Super Easy Ways to Keep Those Fitness & Nutrition Resolutions!

Everyone makes resolutions. Not everyone is still working out or watching those calories come February. These 5 tips are incredibly easy ways to set yourself up for success!

1. Don't buy the bad stuff.
If it's not in your pantry, it's unlikely you are going to drag your sweatpant-wearing butt to the store to buy something you know is bad for you. (You might, if it was a really bad day, but it's unlikely.) I always have greek yogurt, tomatoes, Velveeta cups, deli meat, and dark chocolate caramel wedges from Trader Joe's. That way, I mostly eat those. If I always had Cheez-it White Cheddar Grooves, I'd always eat those (that sounds heavenly).

2. Make your goals small and attainable.
We've all started off the year saying, "I'm going to go to the gym EVERY DAY!" But when you miss one (or two, or three), you start to feel discouraged. And eventually, you think, "I might as well just give up and eat these brownies, too." Remember, life is going to get in the way! I wake up every day expecting to get to the gym at 4:45 pm. But some days, I'm stuck at work, or I make last-minute Happy Hour plans, or my dad I go to the movies after work. So, even though I'm ready to go to the gym every day, my goal is to make it 4 days a week. Because I know I can almost always do that. And success makes you feel good, which makes you want to keep going, which makes you more successful. See that cycle?

3. Build in activity throughout your day.
Like a lot of people, I sit at a desk for most of my workday. On the phone, on the computer, hunched over. And like a lot of people, I used to think there was no way around that. And really, there isn't, for me. But I found other ways to build in movement and activity throughout my day. At lunch, I've started jogging to and from the restaurant. I park as far away as I can from my gym doors. I do jumping jacks or lunges while watching TV. I do tricep exercises while I wait for the oven to warm. I know I sound like one of those people I used to find so annoying, but there's really always time to fit it in.

4. Find a support system.
This could be your two best girlfriends. It could be your supportive boyfriend. It could be 300 of your Instagram followers who cheer you in your fitness community. But I firmly believe that this is a tough road to head down alone. Especially if you have a lot of weight to lose, or if you have a lot of emotional baggage tied to your fitness, food, and health. There will be hard days and there will be times when you have almost convinced yourself that this whole fitness thing is silly and you should just go back to being "happy". That's when you need that person who will say, "Hold on, you think THAT was you happy? No way, bro. That was you wishing you were invisible and trying to make your feelings disappear." Involving people in your journey will also hold you accountable!

5. Put your money where your goals are.
I mentioned my favorite ways to make money from your fitness journey here, but I want to mention this again as a great way to motivate yourself. I personally use Pact, which is an app that allows you to make a promise that you will hit the gym X amount of times a week and when you do, you make money! When you don't, you lose money, and that's definitely encouraged me to get in those extra steps on a lazy day! 

Hope these super easy tips help you to keep your goals next year! Check back tomorrow to see my 2016 Resolutions!

xo, Katie


  1. These are fantastic! I always find that at the beginning of the year I'm stoked about my fitness plan and then as the year goes on, my excitement dwindles. I really need to find a support system to stay active and eat healthy. Great post!

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